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The 3 Steps towards
Time Management Mastery

Over the past few years, I have been studying time management in greater depth. I don’t know if you were like me but I felt stuck with my time. I never had enough time, was always missing important details or procrastinated until the last minute on important tasks. Sometimes, I had something sitting on my list and I couldn’t seem to get it done because I dreaded or loathed it so intensely.

Hi, I’m Karl Diffenderfer. I’m a Business & Life Coach and the founder of Higher Impact.

So let's talk about the three greatest steps I have taken to find freedom with my time. At the end, as an added bonus, I will give you a piece of my entrepreneurial time system called the Harmony Time System.

Step 1 - Change your perspective on time.

Time is the only commodity that we cannot get more of. Time is something we have a limited amount of but it certainly is a resource. If you treat your time like Gold, you will use it like you can’t gain it back. How many grandparents have we met that can’t wait to spend time with their grandchildren. It’s because they have begun to see that their time is limited. They cherish every moment, do you?

Step 2 - Respect your time

If you manage people at all, you know that in order to manage something, you guide it and tell it where you want it to go. Sometimes you have to control it. If you don’t control your time it will control you. If you don’t control your calendar, it will control you. Let me ask you, do you feel like you can’t do certain things with your calendar like take a true vacation? If not, then that might be a good sign that your calendar is controlling you!

Step 3 - Take time to get time

How much time do you spend learning how to get more time? I often challenge my coaching clients to take a few minutes to define the things they loathe about their tasks and then ask them what they love about their routine. You can’t begin to manage time until you have defined what you loathe and love.

Ok, so I promised you a piece of my Harmony Time System. This system has been tested to perfection and designed specifically for entrepreneurs in any industry. I have spent years perfecting this, but it has helped me “gain back” about 40% of my time and has enabled me to not have to be rushed anymore (most days anyways) haha

So here it is: After you take the time to define what you “Love to do” and what you “loathe to do”. Then begin to truly manage your time by having days where you focus on your loath list and days where you focus on your love list. In doing this, you will be proactive instead of reactive. The result will be that you have more energy, more clarity, and will actually begin the process of gaining more time.

If this has piqued your curiosity and you would like to learn more about my journey to get more time, (if anyone can truly get more time) then do one of the following:

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Thanks for watching. Make it a great day!

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Karl was born an entrepreneur. Many generations before him have been business builders and this heritage has certainly been passed on! While Karl has worked in many different industries, the past 10 years he has settled into marketing, where he learned that there are few people truly doing marketing as it was designed to be done. Karl believes that true marketing looks at the pain or frustrations of the consumer and addresses those needs specifically. Through his God-given talents, Karl built a successful marketing company that has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

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