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Karl was born an entrepreneur. Many generations before him have been business builders and this heritage has certainly been passed on! While Karl has worked in many different industries, the past 10 years he has settled into marketing, where he learned that there are few people truly doing marketing as it was designed to be done. Karl believes that true marketing looks at the pain or frustrations of the consumer and addresses those needs specifically. Through his God-given talents, Karl built a successful marketing company that has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

One of the things that Karl desires most is to promote emotional and spiritual health through listening, encouragement and life coaching. He seeks this for himself and for others in his daily conversations. He believes that we were created for a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord and that the only way to achieve this is through God's power and grace. Karl believes that all of us have unique gifts and abilities. In helping people discover those gifts and operate in them, they can move into the legacy they were intended to fulfill. Karl believes that active listening is the first step towards creating long lasting relationships.

Karl has been married for 14 years to his beautiful bride, Jillian, and has four lovely children. He is a family-oriented guy who cares about the future of his children. Karl desires to continue to learn how to be an excellent father and husband so that he might pass on this legacy to future generations. One of his long-term goals with his family is to travel to every state in the USA.

Karl is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys the thrill of trying new activities that stretch his mind, will and strength. In 2013, he tried skydiving for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! He enjoys sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Basketball and Racquetball. Karl also enjoys piano and keyboard playing. He has rocked out in front of thousands of people, as well as competed and won in a classical piano performance on a national level. In his free time, you might find Karl playing in local bands, practicing a classical piano piece, playing sports, playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, or composing a new song on the piano or guitar.

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