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Timeless Principles For Mastery of Learning

The Secret to
Setting Goals that Stick

Thomas Jefferson once said,

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

Hi, my name is Karl Diffenderfer. I believe that a self managing company creates freedom to live out your life purpose. This is the freedom I live in my own companies and now I help successful business leaders achieve the same freedom in their own businesses and lives.

As a Business & Life coach my job is to make sure that you have frequent paradigm shifts. That you see things you haven’t seen before. That you are challenged to move into a new and greater version of yourself. So... to get your creative juices flowing... here are a few questions that will begin you down the path of setting goals that are achievable....


3 Steps to Time Management Mastery

Over the past few years, I have been studying time management in greater depth. I don’t know if you were like me but I felt stuck with my time. I never had enough time, was always missing important details or procrastinated until the last minute on important tasks. Sometimes, I had something sitting on my list and I couldn’t seem to get it done because I dreaded or loathed it so intensely.

Hi, I’m Karl Diffenderfer. I’m a Business & Life Coach and the founder of Higher Impact.

So let's talk about the three greatest steps I have taken to find freedom with my time. At the end, as an added bonus, I will give you a piece of my entrepreneurial time system called the Harmony Time System.

Step 1 - Change your perspective on time.

Time is the only commodity that we cannot get more of. Time is something we have a limited amount of but it certainly is a resource. If you treat your time like Gold, you will use it like you can’t gain it back.


The 3 Dire needs of every Business Leader

Mastery of learning and behavioral accountability with insights of deep wisdom and the benefit of loyal camaraderie from peer leaders you can trust.

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Dream with me for a moment, back to when you were a kid. You're completely free on sunny fall afternoon swinging on a swing. Imagine your feet extending in front of you and your hands pulling hard on the chains as you stretch your toes to the clouds. Do you remember the exhilaration of the wind blowing over your face as you rushed higher and higher? As kids we were invincible. We could do anything. There were no dreams too big. And our fears certainly hinged around mom tapping on the kitchen window telling us NO to our next hairbrained idea. We hadn't been tainted by the cold hard realities of the real world. Life was simple.

I have a story for you that shows how the motion of a swing directly relates to your success in business. By the end of our conversation today I will share with you a true life principle that applies to you right now and then I will share with you the three dire needs of every business leader.