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Build a life, not a business

Being a business owner isn’t easy. It can feel like you are climbing a mountain. If you started your business for the purpose of flexibility and freedom, but instead are feeling trapped, you came to the right place. We want to help you break free, move forward, and achieve every one of your business goals.

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do coaches make the difference?

You’re in the trenches of your business and life. Day after day you trudge along. You’re a slave to what people need of you, not who you are. Where has your inspiration gone? How much longer can you continue on this path?

It's About Freedom

You started a business to be free. Your work should produce freedom, time and money. Higher Impact is a Lancaster, PA business and life coaching company focused on helping entrepreneurs and leaders to reach their full potential. This is your life you are building. Why not make it a life worth remembering?

It's about Behaviors

True success is not defined by someone falling into a lucky streak, but from the small behaviors that they repeat consistently over time. The greatest people of all time had a strong “WHY” behind them, a hefty dose of failing forward and small behaviors that they knew would lead to success.

It's About Legacy

Your legacy is the only thing that can stand long after you're gone. Money fades, Power Fades, but how people remember you by the impact you had in their lives can stand for eternity. If you don’t know your life legacy statement then it’s about time you defined it with purpose and clarity.

Results of Coaching

It is about Life Purpose

Your greatest shortcomings no longer need to weigh you down and hold you back. You truly can overcome any obstacle if you have the right people and systems around you. Everyone on the planet needs a coach, because we all have tunnel vision. We all get stuck. The question is, have you given up trying to build a self managing company or defining your life legacy? If you are ready for an outside perspective then it is the right time to hire a coach.


Gaining clarity on where you want to be, why it's important and how you're going to get there.


To get the things done that you need to. Stop procrastinating when working on your business and your life so that you can become a greater leader.


Disconnecting from work to live your life in freedom. Do you have to respond to business emails and phone calls on vacation because you cannot trust anyone else with pressing decisions?


Time is not replaceable. Do you feel like you spend too much time managing your business instead of leading your business? We help you gain back as much as 40% of your time.


That bring clarity and purpose

Developed with meticulous care and precision from business leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. These tools have been developed and honed with specificity and tested over time to challenge us as individual leaders but also to provide clarity of the specific steps of how to move to the next level. The categories of tools are: Foundational Business Principles and Systems, Inspirational, Leadership Development, Time Management, Spirituality, Vision Casting and Corporate Structure.

Vision Casting

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama

Vision Casting
Defining Your Future

Business Vitality

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Business Vitality
Working On Your Business,
Not In Your Business

Leadership Development

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

Leadership Development
Leading through your actions, raising up other true leaders

Time Management

"Lost time is never found again." - Benjamin Franklin

Time Management
Getting everything done that you need to, feeling released to NOT work

Karl N. Diffenderfer

Coach of Coaches and Executive Business Coach

Karl was born an entrepreneur. Many generations before him have been business builders and this heritage has certainly been passed on! While Karl has worked in many different industries, the past 10 years he has settled into marketing...

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Finding the package that fits for you

During your first free complimentary consult, we provide a health assessment on your business vitality through our patent pending system, we assess your future vision and goals to ensure you know where you want to go once your business is self-managing and we also build a roadmap of how you are going to get there. These three things combined, give us the opportunity to decide if coaching is right fit for you. By the end of the last free session(s), we have a clear picture of how coaching will impact your business and how fast we should see the results. Here are the different commitment levels of coaching...

Maintaining for business owners

Ranging from $2,500 to $4,000 Annually

This program is for business owners who want to be more in charge of their business and life. Maybe you need more time, more accountability, more focus, discernment, leadership capabilities, decision making help or a myriad of other things. We work with you to build a roadmap and define the specific things that we need to work on over the next 12 months.

  • Time Balance System
  • Accountability
  • Sales & Marketing Development
  • Self Development
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Process Development
  • Life & Business Purpose
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Acumen
  • Tool Library

Accelerating For Owners and Teams

Ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 Annually

This program gives you the coaching and accountability you need as a business owner, but also enables you to get your team involved. Maybe you need to work on specific systems or processes, build team unity, improve sales closure rates, hire the right employees, find more customers, or have a better marketing plan. All of these things, we collaborate on and develop together.

  • Business Vitality Dashboard
  • Business Flow Improvement
  • High-Level Processes
  • Time Balance System
  • Accountability
  • Delegation Plan(s)
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Team Unity
  • New Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Tool Library

Company Coaching & Consulting

Ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 Annually

This level of coaching jump-starts your whole company to a whole new level. As a team, we define the specific measurable results and build the plan that is going to achieve success. We build the timeline and also define the risks. This is the Cadillac of coaching. In this level, you are committing to making specific changes in your business to achieve the maximum and fastest results.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Full System(s) Overhaul
  • Process Perfection
  • Delegation Plan(s)
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Business Vitality Dashboard
  • New Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Engagement
  • Risk Assessments
  • Time Balance System
  • Tool Library

Life & Career Coaching

Ranging from $1,500 to $2,500

Life and career coaching clients go on a journey. It is a journey of discovery. First, we understand who you are, then we understand where you want to be, after that we build the plan, and finally, we strategize on how to complete that plan. Obviously, each person is unique, so this system varies from person to person. Some people just want to get their inspiration back, while others want to move into a future version of themselves that they can truly get excited about.

  • Time / Life Balance
  • Life Goal Development
  • Accountability to Behaviors
  • Improved Self-Discipline
  • Self Development
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Life Legacy & Purpose
  • Self Awareness
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Improvement
  • Tool Library
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Our Testimonials

Others Speaking For Us

Testimonials are worth their weight in gold. They speak to the fact of how impactful this coaching could be for your future. Coaching has the potential to give you a 180-degree turn to put you on the right track for your future success. You don’t have to take our word for it though, read below...

Our Process

Active Listening, Asking good questions and mastery of learning

You can’t do it alone. You need timeless proven tools and techniques created by the wisdom of ages that will guide you through specific actionable steps. You need a discerning eye and an insightful mind to ask the right questions to you that define your future with clarity. At the end of the day, it’s not about making more money. It’s about freedom to live your life the way you truly desire. Here is our process for achieving this…


We define the specific places you need to learn the most. Some might call these areas weaknesses, we call them opportunities. Mastery of Learning is the first step to moving into the greatest version of you.


Now that you have enlightenment, we ask you the right questions to disseminate the information and find the morsels of value and true impact. We walk with you on the journey to discern what the success factors are for you and how you are going to quantify your success.


So now you know what you need but you don’t know how to build it. We help you systematize it so you can spend as little time as possible stuck doing the mundane details. What’s the point in creating success factors if they are too cumbersome to achieve?


We give you inspiration to start and maintain the momentum so that you are truly moving into a new paradigm. Repetition will cause it to become a long lasting behavior and pattern in your business and life.

Let’s admit it… we all have tunnel vision. We all get stuck because we can’t see the big picture. We strive so hard, but we still come up short. We miss the mark, when there is really no reason why we missed the mark. Why? Because we need an outside viewpoint to help us see what we cannot. Knowing truly is half the battle.


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